Thursday, November 13, 2008

I hate dead ends!

And I can't stand medical care that stinks! Today was a total waste of of a day off from work, money, and energy! We saw the infectious disease Dr in Albany today, and basically he didn't understand why we were referred to him to begin with....he was very nice, and it was nice to have a new set of ears listening to us, but there was no reason for us to be there. Apparently, the yeast that was found growing in her urine was from one or two tests ago, not during the procedure which was done several weeks ago, which I thought this referral was based upon. She was clean as a now, all kidney issues have been resolved, and nothing that she is experiencing, has anything to do with her kidneys, BUT, he did also agree with her needing a full rheumatology work up.

He even thought she probably did fit the Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue criteria, but he is not qualified to make that diagnosis.

It gets old hearing, "well, I can tell you what you don't have, but I am not sure what is going on." I hate that phrase, and although they (Dr's) think they are giving you good news, I repeatedly tell them, it's just another door being shut in front of us, and it's frustrating!

Off to make an appt with the Rheum Dr friend just got diagnosed with latent stage Lyme disease (8 yrs later), and we have said for years, they the two of them have run similar symptoms, so who knows, maybe she should be tested for that too....!

Thanks for following if you have!


Jane Bingham said...

Jess, I sure hope you gets some real answers soon. Keep pushing on, I know you wont give up.