Saturday, April 4, 2009

Buttery Honey Whole Wheat bread

I am an avid reader of The Fresh Loaf website, which is a site dedicated to bread making for beginners through pros, and today, I made an excellent tasting, healthy recipe, using honey and whole wheat.
This is the Buttery Honey Whole Wheat Bread recipe that I used.

Joe's breads look beautiful, and while the tops of mine deflated a bit, from using an unsharp knife that I did, to score the top, it tasted wonderfully good warm with some butter on it! MMMMMmmmmmmmmm!

If you enjoy bread making, be sure to check out this site, and his too. He has some good stuff on there. On the Fresh Loaf site, there is pretty much everything you need to get yourself started, or to challenge you if you are already experienced....Enjoy the smell of hot bread baking in the oven.


Sandra said...

Looks delicious.