Saturday, February 26, 2011

Vegan cupcakes rock my world!

I'm on a cupcake baking kick right now, also practicing my food photography along the way. Love natural light, but that means you have to cook and photograph during the day, which is sometimes kind of hard with my schedule. I have been lucky enough though to make sure I have day light hours to photograph these beauties!

The first up is Oreo Delights, which I can tell you, caused more than just the women at work, to go nuts....even the guys were raving about their deliciousness!

vegan oreo cookie cupcake
I happened to take two different setups of that particular cupcake so the other is more of a high key, but on white fur.

vegan oreo cupcake
then another one made recently for a family get together were also snapped up in a jiffy! These are chocolate with a chocolate buttercream frosting, which also provided filling for the center of the cupcake. Bed Bath and Beyond has a cupcake corer/filler tool that is actually pretty nice, but while I didn't think of it, a small round cookie cutter would have been cheaper and just as effective! better check your keyboards to see if there's any drool dribbles on your keys!  Enjoy your baking adventures!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope this was an enjoyable and productive day for you all. My hubby and I had a late lunch/midafternoon dinner, so I'd be sure to have room for my own dessert! with all foods being vegan, I want to assure you, you would NEVER know that this mousse had NO dairy in it! The recipe for both the cupcakes and the mousse are found on Vegan Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate mousse frosting

I have to say I loved the light texture of the cupcakes, but be sure not to overfill the liners, or they will topple over the top, onto your baking tin.  The cup holding the mousse is just a candy form and melted semi sweet chips, and what is Valentine's Day without chocolate dipped strawberries?  Dessert was pure heaven!