Friday, December 19, 2008

Best fudge ever!!!!

First I want to say, that I am computerless for the time being, but will hopefully get that fixed as soon as possible. So, I'm on my daughter's for a little while.

I've been wanting to share this, so everyone can have some great tasting, foolproof fudge to make for Christmas.

This comes from Polly, who ran the arts and crafts lessons, at our soon to be closed AC Moore store, in Utica.

RECIPE: 1-16oz pkg of white candy melts, 1-16oz pkg of chocolate, any chocolate you prefer, and an 18oz jar of peanut butter, (with or without chunks). Melt it all in a microwave safe bowl, till melted, then butter a 13x9" pan, spread some mini marshmallows in the bottom, (how ever many you'd like to have), then pour the chocolate mixture on top, and smooth out evenly. Refrigerate till solid, then cut in small pieces.

Let me know how you like it if make won't be disappointed!
Obviously this has peanuts in it, so make sure all of your family and friends know, before they eat any of it!


D'Marie Photography said...

*Gasp* your AC Moore stores are closing?? So far we still have ours... I hope we keep them, I'm there all the time!!

Cherbear said...


I'm going to try this fudge recipe, because I can never get any to come out right.


View from the Hilltop said...

yummm! that does sound GOOD!!!