Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A big Christmas family!

I was fortunate enough to have photographed most of the families in this picture seperately at Chester's Flowers a few weekends ago, and then they asked me back to photograph them at Mary and Pat's house, all together. What a nice bunch of people, and great kids too!

Phil and Elizabeth are newly engaged (Congratulations!) and needed a photo for their engagement picture so we took a few of them for that. They look so happy together, and I hope they have many years ahead of them.

Next was the big group of all 17 of them! this is where the kids just shined. They really paid attention, and all coopetated so well- thanks kids!

Last but not least is the group of all 9 kids together....is it ever perfect getting all of them looking in the same direction at the same time? It's still a great image, esp with all of the siblings/cousins together.